30/06/2024 Release notes – Wallter Services – 7.4.11

We’ve just released the 7.4.11:

  1. API’s documentation was updated.
  2. Mass Payment Service was improved:
    1. Validation: Each file name can only be used once per Company.
    2. Now, only one file at a time can be processed for each Company.
    3. The number of lines in the file was restricted to 500.
  3. We upgraded the jQuery version to follow BindSec’s recommendations after a Penetration Test (PT) to identify security gaps.
  4. Logs were added to the old rule service. The historical mistake with rule 30 was fixed (the rule worked on more transactions than expected).


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Kate Badalian
Senior Product Manager
Ekaterina Badalian, a Technical Project Manager and Product Owner, has over 6 years of experience in building web products for SME and B2B users. A certificated Scrum Master, she excels in managing the SDLC, organizing releases, and implementing SaaS products. With expertise in APIs and integrations, she has delivered customized platforms for B2B clients. Ekaterina is passionate about working with people, building stakeholder relationships, and maintaining a hands-on, result-focused approach.

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