Meital Raviv @CX Insider Podcast: Customer-centric business model in banks and financial institutions

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How important is customer experience in the financial sector? How customer experience has evolved in this sector since the emergence of fintechs? In a recent CX Insider Podcast, Meital Raviv, D. CEO Wallter, shares her views on this topic, highlighting changes and differences in the traditional banking system versus fintech.

We invite you to listen to the podcast, hosted by Valentina Svobodova, Producer CX Insider and Alex Themistos, Sales & Account Manager ACF Technologies, and get access to these insights.

• The adoption of a customer-centric business model in banks and financial institutions

• Differences in the way traditional banks and fintech companies manage customer-centric strategies

• Vital elements both at the front end and the back end processes when orchestrating and designing a customer journey

• Changes in B2C traditional banking since the rise of fintech and embedded finance

• Frienemy relationship between Banks and Fintech

• Perspective on what is the definition of the Metaverse and its benefits for financial institutions

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