The Benefits of EMIs for Marketing and Advertising Companies


Question: Why do Marketing and Advertising companies need the services of Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs)?

The short answer:  EMIs provide marketing and advertising companies with the necessary tools and capabilities to manage their cross-border payments, improve financial control, expand their client base globally, and achieve cost savings in their payment transactions.

The long answer: Here are the top 5 benefits and services that Wallter, as an EMI, provides to marketing and advertising companies:

1. Streamlined Payment Processes

EMIs can provide marketing and advertising companies with a streamlined payment process that allows them to receive payments quickly and easily. EMIs enable companies to accept a wide range of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets. This can make it easier for companies to accept payments from customers and partners, reducing the time and effort required to manage payments.

2. Faster Access to Funds

EMIs can provide marketing and advertising companies with faster access to their funds. Unlike traditional banks, EMIs can process payments and transfers more quickly, meaning companies can access their funds sooner. This can help improve cash flow and provide companies with more flexibility when it comes to managing their finances.

3. Enhanced Security

EMIs provide enhanced security measures to protect against fraud and other security threats. These institutions are required to comply with strict regulations and standards, including anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements. This means that marketing and advertising companies can be confident that their payments and financial transactions are secure and protected.

4. Global Client Reach

By utilizing global payment solutions, marketing and advertising companies can expand their client base internationally. EMIs offer the flexibility to accept payments from clients around the world, accommodating various payment methods and currencies.

5. Compliance Support

EMIs can provide marketing and advertising companies with compliance support to ensure that they are meeting all relevant regulations and standards. This can be especially important in the marketing and advertising industry, where companies need to be careful to comply with regulations around advertising and promotions. EMIs can provide guidance and support to help companies navigate these regulations and avoid any legal or financial issues.


Overall, EMIs like Wallter empower marketing and advertising companies to streamline financial operations, improve efficiency, and expand their global presence. If you’re interested in opening a bank account with Wallter, register here to explore the benefits and services we offer.

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