Adoption of Wallter Payment Solution: A Case Study

By our Experts

A case study is a perfect way in which you can understand how Wallter can help a business in a real-world context. The following case study is provided by Lior Hanael, our Head of Marketing and Customer Success based on the feedback, interaction, and outcome of one of our valuable customers.

In today’s competitive business landscape, a strong and efficient payment system is an essential element of success. Our customer, a well-established digital business in their industry, realized this when they turned to our payment system, resulting in a notable improvement in their operations. This case study aims to shed light on our customer’s journey and how our global payment solutions played a crucial role in elevating their performance.


Context/Business need:

The customer had relied on a conventional cross-border payment system for many years, but persistent issues such as slow transaction processing, inconsistent service, and excessive fees or high currency exchange rates were slowing their progress. With the rise of digitization and fintech, alternative payment solutions have blossomed and thus the customer started the pursuit of a better solution. This is how they stumbled upon Wallter and recognized the opportunities that our payment system can offer.


Our payment solution promised faster transaction processing, unparalleled security and reliability, and a more economical fee structure. Without hesitation, the customer made the switch and was immediately impressed by the results.

The use of our online payment platform allowed our customer to send and receive payments in different currencies with ease and to process transactions more swiftly, thereby facilitating increased customer service, and driving up their sales. Wallter also provided real-time exchange rates, which helped the client avoid the losses that it had previously incurred due to unfavorable currency exchange rates.

They also valued the heightened security and dependability of our system. Wallter also ensured that all transactions were compliant with local and international regulations, mitigating the risks of legal and financial penalties.  The client could concentrate on their core operations and expand their business endeavors. The dedicated account manager was also a crucial part because it facilitated smooth communication between us and the customer, offering tailor-made solutions to their business needs.


Since adopting Wallter’s services, our client has seen significant improvements in its global payment processes.

  • reduced its payment processing times, which has improved its relationships with suppliers and partners.
  • reduced the fees associated with cross-border payments, resulting in cost savings that have positively impacted its bottom line.
  • improved the company’s financial visibility and allowed it to make more informed decisions regarding its payment processes due to our transparent and centralized platform that allows to track all transactions in real-time.
  • improved relationships with partners and suppliers due to the flexibility offered by Wallter that allowed our client to tailor the payment methods and meet the specific needs of their partners and suppliers.

Our customer experience showcases the transformative effect of an innovative payment solution. Wallter enabled them to overcome the limitations of their previous system and achieve higher levels of operational efficiency. If you’re seeking a payment system that can support your business goals and drive growth, we encourage you to consider the advantages of Wallter’s payment solutions for yourself.

This case study provides details of our customer’s experience with Wallter and highlights the key benefits that our solution offers. By emphasizing the successes achieved by one of our customers, we hope to inspire other businesses to adopt our payment system and take their operations to new heights. Feel free to contact us and talk about how we can help your business!

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Lior Hanael
Head of Marketing & Customer Success
Lior has over 20 years of experience working as a business development manager, marketing executive & CEO in industries like Fintech & Aviation. He has built successful deals and new ventures, closing multi-million-dollar contracts with large global customers. Lior has strong expertise in creating new business opportunities and partnerships and developing long-lasting relationships with clients. Making sure that the customer’s voice is heard and understood within the company and all the parties involved is another of his strong capabilities. Lior has outstanding negation skills that help him understand clearly both sides, and is always result-oriented in a win-win negotiation process.

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