2024 Midpoint Recap: Halfway There and Crushing It!

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Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2024? Time flies when you’re crushing it! 🚀

This issue of The Info Wall is all about celebrating the incredible milestones we’ve achieved together so far this year. We’ll be taking a look back at some of our biggest wins, exciting new projects, and the awesome ways you’ve all been making a difference.

Let’s dive in!

New Features & Upgrades

We rolled out some awesome platform improvements in the first half of 2024! Here are some highlights:

  • Mandatory Video Call with New Approved Companies: To ensure the accuracy of our client base and thorough KYC procedures, after an account is approved, we’ll schedule a quick call with the client to introduce their Dedicated Account Manager and provide a platform overview. This helps them get the most out of Wallter from day one!
  • Faster Signups with Card Payments: We’re streamlining the signup process by allowing clients to pay their account setup fee directly with a card. This eliminates the wait associated with bank transfers and gets them started with Wallter even faster!
  • DocuSign Integration: Clients receive pre-filled application forms and all documents ready for electronic signatures via DocuSign. This eliminates the hassle of multiple emails and allows clients to access our cross-border payment solutions more quickly.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: We’ve implemented two-factor authentication for debit transactions. This extra layer of security has been active since February 4th, keeping our clients’ transactions safe.

Onboarding New Companies

Did you know that this year (Jan – May), over 500 users have begun registering for accounts on our platform? This strong interest has translated into 200+ completed applications, resulting in 110 new client approvals – that’s a great conversion rate of over 20%!

  • Steady New Companies: We’re holding steady in 2024 with an average of 22 new clients joining us each month. May was a particularly strong month with 24 new clients, and we’ve already welcomed 4 more in the first week of June.
New Company Approvals in 2024
  • Client Reviews: On the review side, things are also humming along. We’ve already completed a whopping 115 ODDs (regular reviews) this year, with another 52 currently in progress.
  • New Procedures: Speaking of reviews, our KYC team is busy bees! Following the AML audit, they’re hard at work updating our policies and procedures. Big shout-out to them for getting the new Open Source Procedure approved on June 5th! The updated Onboarding Procedure for Individual clients is also coming soon.

R&D In Progress Actions

  • Rapyd Integration: Rapyd is a new major client, and their dedicated API integration is gearing up for testing, aiming to kick things off on TEST before June 10th. This is a major step towards a smoother experience for everyone.
  • Transaction Rules Back in Action: Thanks to the Monitoring Team’s hard work, we’ve reactivated some of our old transaction rules on the platform. These will help bridge the gap between Ispiral’s shutdown and the integration with Lexis Nexis.

  • Building a Communication Hub: We’re actively building a central communication channel right on our platform! This will allow for:
    • Client Chats: Chat directly with our clients within their accounts for better customer service.
    • Team Collaboration: Improved communication between our internal teams with a dedicated ticketing portal.
    • Smart Chatbot: Creating a chatbot to handle basic inquiries like transaction status and balances, freeing up our team for more complex issues.
    • Marketing Insights: We’re also finalizing the storage of lead sources in our database. This will help us build reports and optimize our marketing efforts to attract even more clients.

Monitoring Team: Transactions on the Rise

  • Transaction Surge: Great news, team! We’re seeing an uptick in transactions again, with 5,834 approved automatically.
  • Collaborative Innovations: Our Monitoring and Product Manager teams are working together to bring some cool new features to our system. Soon, we’ll have an “Approved with Condition” mark and the ability to upload documents for credit transactions.



Other News From Within The Team 

  • New Face on the Team: Please give a warm Wallter welcome to Ignas Vaitiekus, who joined us as a Monitoring Specialist in the Lithuanian office.



So far this year, we’ve been busy making awesome improvements, with a focus on better onboarding, enhanced security, and streamlined communication. We’re excited about these updates and can’t wait to see how they benefit both our clients and our team!

We’re excited to keep improving Wallter – stay tuned for more awesome news weekly!

High Five to You!

Your hard work and dedication are what make us a success. 🥰


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Mihaela Iacob
Marketing Manager
Mihaela is a marketing and advertising professional with 14 years of experience. She brings a smile and a can-do attitude to every project! Since starting at Wallter in mid-2021, she has added a creative touch, ensuring our marketing campaigns and the projects she is involved in are not only effective but also visually captivating.

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