Isaac T. Armoni: Cryptocurrencies and the impact on the future of B2B cross-border payments

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Our CEO Isaac T. Armoni was invited by The Paypers to share his thoughts as a leader and expert in the financial sector on the future of cross-border payments and the use of digital assets.

Blockchain will be an integral part of the digital banking sector

Wallter®’s long-term strategy as was set by its management foresees that the blockchain will be an integral part of the digital banking sector. The traditional banks as we see them today will have to change and adapt. Branches will close. Call centers will reduce and we will see more and more digital advancements. Wallter® as a major player in alternative banking/digital banking has to offer more and more products and services involving digital assets, not just cryptocurrencies, but also NFTs, DeFi, Cryptocurrencies, AML information, etc.

In the initial stages, Wallter®`s clients will shortly be able to buy and sell the major cryptocurrencies on the Wallter® platform, using a third-party affiliate of Wallter®. Businesses will be able to transact safely and securely with cryptocurrencies using Wallter® platform. This will be done using innovative AML rules and procedures and unique flows we established.

Benefits that crypto wallets and crypto payments bring to companies

The benefits for companies are the quicker services and the fact that today compliance departments in banks are less and less accessible or comprehendible. Using Wallter® will allow the companies to transact under the Wallter® compliance umbrella. To enjoy the benefits of our EDD on boarding and retrospective monitoring and transactional rules. We will offer them safety, security, reliability, and credibility knowing they can trust our services.

Challenges that crypto payments solved in B2B cross-border transfers

A company is sending money, but the money is stuck at a corresponding bank, no one explains the requested documents, or takes the time and effort to understand the transaction. Wallter® clients have a personalised client relationship manager. The compliance requirements are made accessible, speaking the client’s words, and requesting supporting documents. This allows the TRX to go through with reliable supporting documents, and transactions are checked, approved, or rejected. Transacting in digital assets at Wallter® will allow you to rely on our chain analysis, our source of funds checks, and allow your business to transact quicker, safer, and more reliable.

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