Wallter Expanded Number of Employees By 185% In Compliance Department


Wallter, Electronic Money Institution operating in the European Economic Area, has expanded its number of employees by 185% in the compliance department in 2021.

“We understand that business growth and strong companys’ reputation building is impossible without sustainable risk management, therefore in Wallter we pay particular attention to compliance, operational risk management and especially to money laundering prevention. It was our top priority in 2021 and we will continue to focus on it in 2022” – says Isaac T. Armoni, CEO at Wallter.

Currently Wallter compliance department consists of 20 highly qualified professionals focused particularly on AML prevention processes. In December 2020 there were 7 employees.

The total number of employees in the company has also increased significantly – from 38 to 58 employees in 2021, or more than 52%.

According to Isaac T. Armoni, the CEO of Wallter, company will continue to focus on processes improvement and preventive AML measures in 2022.

“We are ready to increase our team of professionals even further, if that will be needed for quality assurance and successful implementation of measures that were planned” – said Isaac T. Armoni.

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